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Bloodlines On Ancient Skin (EP) – Cardboard Jacket Compact Disc

“Bloodlines On Ancient Skin” Cover ArtworkListen here

BIINDS : “Bloodlines On Ancient Skin”


1.Scapegoat 05:45
2.(uN)Kin 04:11
3.Oumar 05:51
4.Oumar (Of Light) 02:23

“Bloodlines On Ancient Skin” relies on a more organic approach. It was written mainly on a mandolin which was used throughout the recordings. Analogue synths, live drums, piano and experimental violins steer BIINDS into different sonic territory.

Released December 5, 2016

Nicolo Sommer: Vocals, mandolin, synths, keyboards, piano, programming, sound design
Klaas Von Karlos: Vocals on “(uN)Kin”
Munsha: Vocals on “Scapegoat”
Héloïse Lefebvre: Violin
Maxx Lucas: Live drums
Jordi Kuragari: Guitar on “Oumar”
Dalot: Additional synths on “Scapegoat”

“Oumar” & “Oumar (Of Light)” are dedicated to the late Alpha Oumar Diallo

The lyrics for “Oumar” are inspired by the poem “Former Life / La Vie Antérieure” by Charles Baudelaire.

EP art by Nicolo Sommer.

Compact Disc in a slim cardboard jacket

Compact Disc in a slim cardboard jacket
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