BIINDS release “Oumar Of Light (Alternate)”

In 2016, BIINDS released their EP “Bloodlines On Ancient Skin” which featured a collection of hauntingly beautiful tracks that showcased their signature style of blending electronic and organic sounds. While the EP was well-received by fans and critics alike, one particular track was left on the cutting room floor – “Oumar (Of Light) (Alternate)“.

This alternate version of the song, which was never officially released, features a live piano performance by Jordi Kuragari, a protegĂ© of BIINDS. The piano was recorded in Kuragari’s home, adding an intimate touch to the already emotive and atmospheric track.

The arrangement of the song was handled by Nico Sommer, who also contributed synths and programming. Sommer’s skillful manipulation of electronic elements is evident throughout the track, creating a soundscape that is both ethereal and otherworldly.

Despite not making the cut for the final release of the EP, “Oumar (Of Light) (Alternate)” remains a favorite who appreciate the raw emotion and intimacy of the live piano recording. The haunting melody and ethereal soundscape create a powerful sense of longing and introspection, transporting the listener to another world.

In conclusion, “Oumar (Of Light) (Alternate)” is a testament to BIINDS’ talent for creating music that is both electronic and organic, while also highlighting the importance of collaboration in the creative process. Despite not making it onto the EP, this track is a hidden gem that deserves recognition for its raw beauty and emotional depth.

Listen to it on Bandcamp.

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